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Examples of use of the corrugated cardboard digital printing

Digital printing is currently the newest technology existing in the printing field, which guarantees both high quality of picture reproduction and ultrafast time of print realization. In digital technology, UV LED curing inks are used for printing. This ensures that the imprint is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, but also enables obtaining a high sheen strengthening product’s colour.

We print by using 6 colours: CMYK, Orange and Violet. Thanks to that, we have the possibility of printing a wide range of colours. Printing is performed without direct contact with the cardboard, it doesn’t affect its structure, which allows it to maintain the durability, but also avoid any faults occurring in the analogue technology. The only components needed to print in the digital technology are graphic file, paint and cardboard cardboard.

The ultrashort time between accepting
the order and performing the print

Our technology doesn’t require preparation of the printing moulds. We don’t waste precious time on preparing the tools usually needed in analogue printing technology.

Changes in the printing order
Always possible, irrespective of the degree of realization. We are a digital printing house.

Corrugated cardboard
We print directly on the corrugated cardboard. Its thickness should amount from 0,8 mm to 12 mm. The maximum printing format is 3000 mm x 1800 mm, minimal is 615 mm x 615 mm.

UV gloss ennobling the print
It’s an added value to our technology. We can achieve an exceptionally stronger (than in the analogue technology) gloss of the printing or enhance chosen elements of graphics with the special sheen.

Quality of the prints
We control the quality of our prints by using both devices measuring the colours, such as the spectrophotometer, and a special lightbox with standardized lighting for performing a visual comparison of the printing with client’s template.

Flawless reproduction
of the printed graphics quality
We print by using 6 colours: CMYK, Orange and Violet on different kinds of corrugated cardboard. Thanks to the additional colours Orange and Violet, our colours achieve better saturation. The printing jobs are realized with a maximum resolution of 720 x 360 dpi. Our printing fulfils international ISO standards in the area of the offset printing method.

On-demand one sheet printing jobs
We can carry out even the smallest, regarding the size, orders and simultaneously treat them as samples standing as an example of our ample opportunities in the printing field.

UV paints
We print only with UV LED paints – which is why our printing presents high scratch resistance and at the same time creates a flexible layer of paint, free from cracks which usually appear in the further processing stages.

Variable data in the printing jobs
We own a VDP software enabling us to include client’s individual information, e. g. client’s address, on each printing piece sharing a common graphical theme. By utilizing this technology we can freely personalize the products.

Digital printing doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment as the analogue technology does. We neither use gallons of water in the printing process, nor utilize any chemical compounds for printing moulds preparation.

Nozomi C18000 – highly impressive printing format!
Even the big packaging can be printed in one piece.

Maximum printing format of Nozomi C18000 is 300 x 180 cm.
Minimal sheet size is 61,5 x 61,5 cm.

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Examples of use of the
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